Should I Sell My Home To An Investor?

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Most homeowners have never had to deal with real estate investors before. In fact, some individuals have an uneasy feeling about the entire business. Drive along any highway in the country and you’ll see telephone poles sporting signs which boast such “come-ons” as “We Pay Cash for Your House” and “We Buy Houses Fast”. Because these offers seem to good to be true, especially in today’s economy, distressed homeowners are skeptical about taking, what appears to be, the “easy way out” and, possibly, finding themselves victims of a real estate scam.

While, as in any business, there tend to be some less-than upstanding real estate investors, there are a few who will do as promised, pay you cash fast for your home, and the entire process is on the up and up. If you’re facing foreclosure, desperate to unload a property you no longer need, in the midst of a divorce, or need to sell your home fast for any number of reasons, working with a real estate investor can be the answer.

Why Lemon Houses?

Lemon Houses is Florida’s premier home buying service. We’ll purchase your home “as is”, making sure you’re paid the highest cash offer available. Lemon Houses is local to the Orlando, FL area, not a group of foreign investors claiming to be local. We aren’t going anywhere. This means your local support team is available to you to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the entire process.

Without any obligation or commitment on your part, Lemon Houses will meet with you and review your situation. You’ll be offered a cash price for your house, and your closing will take place as soon as possible. It’s really that simple.

Lemon Houses has been doing business in Florida for nearly 2 decades. We are community-driven and want the best for our homeowners. We live here too.

Lemon Houses: The Better Home Investor Option

Obviously, with home sales the way they currently stand, you can’t expect to get above market value for your home. In many cases, sellers are looking at settling for far below the market value for their home, typically after many, many days on the market, through a traditional real estate company. The headache of always being at the ready to show your home, vacating so the agent can conduct an open house, and reviewing impossible offer after impossible offer, is constant. In the end, you settle for a ridiculously low offer, and set a closing date far into the future. That is, assuming your buyer gets approved for a mortgage.

When you sell your home to a real estate investor like Lemon Houses, you can accept a cash offer, and walk away. Any repairs which may have been a point of concern for your potential buyer, or even a deal-breaker as far as the mortgage inspector is concerned, won’t be a problem. The additional cost of those repairs is assumed by Lemon Houses.

If you have an unwanted home, such as a home you’ve outgrown, a home you’ve inherited, but have no intention of owning, or if your home is facing foreclosure, the fastest and easiest way to get the most cash for that home, with the least amount of hassle, is to contact Lemon Houses. If you’re underwater in your mortgage (owing more than your home is worth) and want to stop the money bleed of paying that huge mortgage, contact the licensed professionals at Lemon Houses. Whatever your reason, contact Lemon Houses today for a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to manage your unwanted house.


I will recommend Lemon Houses to anyone that needs to sell their home quick and stress free! You were very accommodating with the sale of my home. There was constant communication and no surprises! All the details were worked out in a short amount of...

- K. Roth, Longwood FL

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