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  • If you inherited a property that you do not need…
  • If owning a property that was willed to you is simply too much hassle and expense…

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Your loved one was kind enough to leave their property for you in their estate. And maybe, when they were alive, you developed great memories at that house. But now their property has been willed to you and, in addition to the tragedy of your loved one’s passing, you now have another property to deal with.

Chances are, you might not even live near that property and may not have been prepared to take on the extra expense. Like a lot of people who have received a property in probate, you might be able to afford the regular mortgage payments but then other expenses creep in—like utility bills, property taxes, and maybe a new roof. The costs mount; your time investment mounts; your frustration mounts.

Lemon Houses can help. We are a team of experts who have the tools, knowledge, and experience to make it easier than ever for you to sell your probate property.

How Do We Buy Orlando Probate Homes?

We’ll buy your unwanted home for cash, using our EasyCashSale™ System to give you our very best cash offer .

  • Our team will help you by buying your unwanted property for cash. We understand that you’re not just selling an unwanted property—we know this is the former home of a loved one and we are respectful of the emotions and challenges this situation raises.
  • Even if your loved one wasn’t able to care for the home or maintain it to safety standards, that’s okay. We believe that handing off their home to us, in exchange for cash in your pocket, is the easier, less stressful way to remember your loved one (than to go broke trying to repair and maintain their property).
  • We believe that it honors your loved one when a deserving family finds that your inherited home is the perfect home for them. Imagine their excitement and joy at finding a place to call home—it’s something you can be proud of.
  • Eliminate those extra expenses and hassles, the hours of caring for a home you never expected to own, and the high cost of paying to repair or rehab the property. Put cash into your pocket and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Skip the high costs you’ll pay if you sell the house the traditional way—forget paying high commissions, fees, and repair costs, forget waiting for a buyer to get financing, forget cleaning up before you leave. We’ll pay cash and you avoid these costs.

Are there Disadvantages to Selling My Home to Lemon Houses?

No! While it is true that an as-is cash home sale will often not yield the same sales price as a home sold through traditional means, you get to save thousands of dollars in closing costs and realtor fees. It also allows you to sell your house immediately, eliminating holding costs while you wait for your home to sell.

Further, we buy your house regardless of condition. No need to make upgrades or repairs to make it attractive to potential buyers. We love buying ugly houses! We bear the burden of making the necessary upgrades to the home to make it suitable for traditional home buyers.

Sell your house faster and for less with Lemon Houses–it’s never been easier!

Stress-Free Cash Home Buyer in Orlando

It’s never been easier to sell your home fast for cash . Every moment you wait is a moment that could be free of homeowner stress. The sooner you act, the faster you’ll get cash for your unwanted home and leave your headaches behind.

It’s THAT simple!

To get our best cash offer and to walk away with cash in your pocket, contact us today.

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As first time home owners, we quickly realized we were way in over our heads. The repairs were impossible to keep up with and the costs were overwhelming. made it easy to lift the stress off of our shoulders. The fast and friendly pro...

- Ryan and Stephanie, Orlando FL

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