Can I Sell My Home As Is?

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For homeowners, it’s a common problem. You’ve lived in your home a few years when, suddenly, out of the blue it seems, things begin falling apart. Perhaps your carpet is beginning to wear, or your ceiling is showing signs of some slight water damage. Maybe your exterior has retained some damage after a few years of rough weather. Cracks in your homes foundation, damaged siding, leaky pipes can all spell trouble when attempting to sell your home in Orlando the traditional way.

Any structural repairs, no matter how minimal or seemingly inconsequential, must be made before many mortgage lenders will approve a loan. The lender’s inspector often finds repairs which need to be made before a new mortgage can go through. Sometimes these repairs are so costly they drastically impact the sale of the home and the sellers’ bottom line.

Another point of aggravation that comes with cosmetic repairs, is the potential buyers’ ability to use items such as worn carpet, old paint, or outdated appliances, as a means to negotiate on the price of the house. Anything that provides the buyer an opportunity to “low-ball” the seller on a counter offer to the asking price can be a source of frustration. When all the repairs are added up and then deducted from the asking price, you may find the more cost-effective measure is to stay put.

Sell Your Home Quicker, With Less Expense

Selling your home the traditional way can be a real burden, especially if you’re currently living in the home. For those who live far away, and the home is part of an estate sale, dropping by to make sure the house is presentably clean and tidy, fresh smelling and ready to be shown to prospective buyers is impossible.

Keeping everything looking spiffy and desirable is tough for someone with an already-full schedule. But, when you sell through a traditional realtor, appearances are everything. Marketing your home is essential in a competitive market. Your yard must be tidy and the interior of your home needs to be immaculate if you expect to catch and hold a potential buyer’s interest.

When you sell your home to Lemon Houses, you can simply walk away. There’s no need to even clean up after you vacate. Replacing appliances, even large ticket items, isn’t required and the sale of your home isn’t dependent upon an arbitrary inspector’s approval for your potential buyers to secure financing. A sagging eaves-trough, water stains in the ceiling, and cosmetic wear and tear can all be disregarded by you, the seller, when you contact Lemon Houses.

In today’s economy, many homeowners find themselves one house payment away from foreclosure. The stress of financial thin-ice can go away when you contact Lemon Houses and find out about our the no-hassle, proven, EasyCashSale™ System. By taking steps to sell your home to Lemon Houses, you’ll sell in a short period of time, make no repairs, no major clean-up, and walk away knowing you’ve attained the best cash offer possible. You don’t even have to take out the trash. You can literally sell your home as-is. Lemon Houses doesn’t care.

So, if you need to sell your home fast in Orlando, FL, for whatever reason, and get out from under those nagging, financially draining, mortgage payments on a home you no longer care to own, let Lemon Houses buy your unwanted house. Reclaim your life and stop wasting money you don’t have. Contact Lemon Houses today.


I would recommend Lemon Houses to anyone that asked me about needing to sell their house. When it came to handling my phone calls and all the paperwork they worked very efficiently. It was a pleasure doing business with you....

- J.McGraw, Orlando Fl

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