Sell Your Florida Home Fast

  • If you own a house and no longer want to deal with it…
  • If your house is simply “too much house” for you…
  • If you just don’t need the property anymore…
  • If you have to move in a hurry…
  • If divorce or a health issue is forcing you to live elsewhere…

You need to read this.

After 15 years of being in this business, we’ve seen just about all of the reasons to sell a house.

There’s the job offer in another city that is too good to pass up and starts right away, leaving you no time to work with a real estate agent to sell the house.

There’s a dissolving marriage where both partners simply want to take the cash and walk away from the property.

There’s the “empty-nest” family that wants to downsize to something smaller and avoid the frustrations of selling their property the traditional way.

There are homeowners who have simply gotten in over their heads and realized that they need to make a clean break while they still can get out with some equity in the houses.

There’s the retired couple, ready to move to a retirement community, who wants to cash out their property (but aren’t physically able to clean up or deal with costly repairs).

There are so many reasons to sell a property—in good condition or bad, a home you love or an unwanted house—and Lemon Houses can help.

We are a team of experts who have the tools, knowledge, and experience to buy houses quick for cash.

How Can You Sell Us Your Florida Home Fast?

We’ll implement our EasyCashSale™ System right away to give you our very best cash offer to buy your property from you.

  • We will assess your property against a fair market value and apply our EasyCashSale™ System to consider repair and cleanup costs. Then we’ll take care of those details so you don’t have to!
  • We will handle all the administrative work and the hassles and headaches of paperwork and bureaucracy so you can simply walk away.
  • We’ll hand you cash for your house, usually in as little as a week. No waiting for a real estate agent’s open house or a contingent offer from someone who isn’t sure if they can get financing. Just sell your home quick for cash!
  • You’ll finally be rid of the property (which may hold bad memories or sad emotions), and you can move on with your life.
  • You’ll love working with a team that has been doing this for more than a decade and a half, helping homeowners just like you to move forward with cash in your pocket.
    • It’s never been easier to sell your home fast for cash. Every moment you wait is a moment that could be free of homeowner stress. The sooner you act, the faster you’ll get cash and leave your homeowner headaches behind.

      It’s THAT simple!

      To get our best cash offer and to walk away with cash in your pocket, contact us today .

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sell house fast orlando We were tired of putting money into my house time after time. It was getting to be too much! I have lived in the house for 23 years and have spent the last few years trying to fix it up so I could sell it. A friend of mine suggested Lemon Houses, I m...

- Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Orlando FL

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  • You will never pay any real estate commissions
  • You will never have to
    pay for any repairs
  • We will pay all of your normal closing costs

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