Will Selling to Lemon Houses Hurt My Credit?

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Lemon Houses has bought many houses from many people selling for a variety of reasons. We have experienced nearly every situation you can think of. But one thing we have not seen is a negative impact to a seller’s credit or any other long-term adverse effect. In fact, working with Lemon Houses may even stand to help. Foreclosure can significantly affect your credit; if you are facing this situation, Lemon Houses can provide you with cash quickly which may be able to get you wholly out from under your mortgage obligation, avoiding foreclosure.

You may be selling due to costly repairs, a divorce, unpaid property taxes, or a number of other reasons; all that working with Lemon Houses means is that you get cash for your house – directly and quickly.

Our Process

When you request a quote from Lemon Houses, we research and assess your house, make our best cash offer, and if you accept it, we pay in cash in 5 – 7 days. It’s that simple. After that, we own the house and you have the cash. There’s no credit bureau reporting or any other reporting required.

At Lemon Houses, we have bought numerous houses in throughout Orlando, helping sellers receive their cash quickly with no hassle and no impact to their credit. That makes for a worry free transaction.

Selling To Lemon Houses

When you sell your house to Lemon Houses, it’s much the same as selling your car or any other asset to a buyer who pays in cash. A price is determined, cash changes hands, and the deal is done. Nothing else is required of the seller long term. No documentation, no anything. Only tax records will reflect the transaction, otherwise it’s invisible.

If your situation demands a large sum of cash quickly or if you are faced with the need to sell a property quickly due to divorce, costly repairs, foreclosure, or any other life event, Lemon Houses is standing by, ready to help. All you need to do is contact us and we will be underway. We will quickly review your house, make you our best cash offer, and will pay in cash in 5 – 7 days.

Request a Cash Offer For Your Home

We are ready to answer any questions you may have and we are eager to guide you through our process. We will happily answer credit impact or any other questions you have. Contact us today and we’ll get started immediately and turn your Orlando house into cash quickly and dependably.


As first time home owners, we quickly realized we were way in over our heads. The repairs were impossible to keep up with and the costs were overwhelming. LemonHouses.com made it easy to lift the stress off of our shoulders. The fast and friendly pro...

- Ryan and Stephanie, Orlando FL

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