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In today’s buyer’s market, selling your home fast may seem like an impossible task. With foreclosures, short sales, and homeowners who want to get out from under a hefty mortgage, there’s no shortage of available and affordable houses out there. So, if you want to sell your home fast, you need to find a way to compete in today’s market.

Here are a few tips to consider when trying to sell your home fast.

Make your House Stand Out From the Crowd

Getting potential buyers to take notice of your home doesn’t have to be a costly investment. Consider a few wise improvements that can be used as selling points. Installing high-grade energy-efficient windows can give you an edge. They help lower your utilities and add style to any room. Adding a small patio or deck, and tastefully landscaping the surrounding area can give you a leg up on the neighbors.

Make sure your improvements are minor, yet give you the most bang for your buck. You don’t want to invest in color schemes that are too unique. Your buyer will add his or her own flair to the home once they take possession. Also, be aware of any landscaping that might scream “upkeep”. You want to draw buyers in, not scare them away.

Provide Incentives

Consider sweetening the pot with an incentive such as picking up the closing costs, either entirely, or offering to share in the cost of closing. Many buyers won’t get this kind of offer in a down-turned economy, so this may provide the edge you need.

Another low-cost, high pay-off incentive is a home warranty. A transferable one-year policy is usually a few hundred dollars and will cover the costs of repair for all your major appliances, including garage doors, heating and cooling systems, and, in some cases, refrigerators, stoves and other in-home gadgets.

Show your Home as Move-in Ready.

It’s important to help potential buyers feel the home is already theirs. What better way than to show your house as move-in ready by making any repairs to squeaky doors, windows that stick, appliances that are beginning to show their age, and so on. You should have your home professionally cleaned, carpets shampooed and pressure wash the exterior as well.

It goes without saying that all clutter should be removed, making your rooms appear large and inviting. Hire a professional real estate stager, or learn to stage the rooms yourself. You want your buyer to see your house as their home.

Ask the Right Price

If you want to make your home desirable, it all eventually comes down to price. You don’t want to sell too low, but you want to price accordingly and still leave room for the buyer to negotiate. Review the real estate market in your area to determine the fair market value of the homes in your neighborhood. If your price your home just right, everyone will benefit.

Sell Your Home Fast With Lemon Houses

Selling your home in a down economy may take time. If you don’t have the time, or don’t care to make the investments in a house you no longer want, contact Lemon Houses and find out how you can sell your home fast-for cash, the no-hassle way. Sell your home today, without making repairs, paying a hefty commission, or closing costs and hidden fees, and free yourself from the burden of an unwanted house.


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- Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Orlando FL

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