How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

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You’ve decided to sell your home and move on in a new direction. Now the real work begins. Finding a realtor, coming up with a fair asking price, and getting your home ‘showable’ are just a few tasks on your home-selling agenda – and that’s all before you begin accepting offers and negotiating with potential home buyers.

When you’re ready to sell your house, the last thing you want to do is wait an long amount of time while realtor after realtor interrupts your weekend, or evening with a parade of potential buyers, walking through your home, calling you out on everything from decor to maintenance, only to move on to the next home in search of a better deal.  If they do make an offer on your home, it could be far below your asking price.

Sometimes those buyers do work out and pay your asking price. Then you need to wait, and wait, through inspections and assessments and mortgage approvals.  If the proper nods from the money people don’t come, the entire process must begin again.  What a headache!

Why not give Lemon Houses a call and unload your home quickly, efficiently, and for the best cash offer, guaranteed?  Lemon Houses will buy your home in as-is condition.  At best, when you list with a realtor, turn-around time will be a few months.  When you contact Lemon Houses, you can walk away from your house in as little as one week.

Advantages of a Cash Buyer

A cash sale, for many reasons, is the preferred method among those who want to unburden themselves and simply be done with hassle of selling their house.  Whether the home for sale is your own, or you’re helping your parent or loved one out, the cash sale advantage means less time spent waiting, while the wheels of real-estate slowly churn away.

With a cash sale, you won’t need to worry about making costly changes or repairs to your home in the hopes of enticing the right buyer or appeasing someone ready to make an offer. Lemon Houses will take your home in as-is condition.

The Average Home Sells in 3+ Months

You can never predict exactly how long it will take to sell your home.  There’s always that one bit of real-estate legend, that tells of the seller who barely had the sign posted when  a buyer walked up, offering the asking price-or more. Within a month, business had concluded and the keys were handed off, the seller on to his or her new life, and the buyer happily settling into a new home.

However, the cold hard truth is, in the Orlando area and all across the Sunshine State, most homes are on the market an average of 98 days – even in this financial turn-around in real estate!  That’s more than three months.

As mentioned above, selling your home is just the first step in unloading it and the mortgage that’s draining your bank account.  The next matter of business is waiting on your potential buyer to nail down financing. The mortgage lender then must send out appraisers, and inspectors, and, especially if your purchaser is seeking a federal loan, there could be several hold-ups and impediments to your sale.

Cash Home Buyers in Orlando, FL

To say that selling your home the “old school” way is fraught with stress and tension is an understatement.  When you sell your home to Lemon Houses for the best cash offer, guaranteed, you can forget about that huge real estate commission. It’s not necessary to make costly changes or repairs, and you can close in less time than it takes your traditional buyer to secure financing.

Contact Lemon Houses today and sell your home the fast, convenient, and sensible way.


I will recommend Lemon Houses to anyone that needs to sell their home quick and stress free! You were very accommodating with the sale of my home. There was constant communication and no surprises! All the details were worked out in a short amount of...

- K. Roth, Longwood FL

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