Are Cash Home Buyers Legitimate?

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Before you sell your home, it only makes sense to explore all your options. In many circumstances, people need to liquidate and get fast cash for a home they cannot afford or don’t want. Cash home buyers come in various stripes, so you may be wondering if cash home buyers are legitimate.

How Do Cash Home Buyers Make Their Money?

We buy houses so that we can sell them later on. For us to make a profit, we have to invest money in home renovations and improvements, often in the tens of thousands or more. In some cases, we have to patiently wait for a market upturn. In other words, take on the labor, expenses, and risks that go into selling a home when the current home buyer cannot afford or does not want to do so.

How Can You Tell if a Cash Home Buyer Is for Real?

To be sure, not all offers for cash home sales come from highly reputable sources. Some people try to get into the house flipping trade after watching too many TV shows. Others spring out of the woodwork in response to a bear market or natural disaster.

When talking to cash home buyers, consider:

  • How long they’ve been in business
  • If they have a real presence in the local community
  • Whether they are transparent about their process
  • The typical signs of a legitimate business (a physical office, a professional website, a team of employees, etc.)
  • Whether they handle title and mortgage issues in a fair, legal manner
  • How quickly they can buy your home for cash, rather than dragging things out and repeatedly lowering their offer

What to Expect from a Cash Home Sale

Legitimate cash home buyers can offer real money, in a short timespan, without requiring you to make repairs or improvements. Obstacles to selling the home—such as liens, unpaid taxes, expensive repairs, or no equity—will affect the amount your home is worth to a cash home buyer, but a legitimate buyer will be able to make a cash offer in spite of these issues.

As you’d hope, cash home sales move quickly. We don’t wait for inspections or repairs. You can get cash in hand in a matter of weeks. Anything that needs to happen so your home can be sold to a conventional buyer, we’ll take care of long after you received your cash.

Trusted Cash Home Buyers in Orlando

Central Florida trusts Lemon Houses because we’re a professional team who has been buying homes for cash for more than 15 years. We stick around because our system works. We’re here to help homeowners get cash upfront when they need it, not to take advantage of what might be a temporary situation.

Lemon Houses has been helping Orlando homeowners since 1999 when they need to sell a house for cash fast. Contact us today to request more info and get a free cash offer.


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- Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Orlando FL

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