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At Lemon Houses, we’re not just about renovations and profit margins. We believe that everyone – individuals and organizations – should give back. When we all give back, we make the world a better place to live.

Lemon Houses supports IAM4kids, a not-for-profit organization that mentors fatherless children.

IAM4kids was founded by a former Marine, Steve Seaton, who was serving as a Military Police officer and saw a soldier take his own life because of the pain of parental neglect. Steve was gripped by the tragedy and faced his own personal struggles and victim mentality. After the military, he went to seminary and developed his skills in mentoring others. Then he founded IAM4kids, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit faith-based charity that works with the school system to mentor children.

Tommy Young, the CEO of Lemon Houses, has himself seen what mentoring can do. On a previous property, Tommy mentored a young man of 14 years old, teaching him life-skills, helping him to develop a trade, and encouraging him to stay in school.

That young man, now in his 20’s and living a productive, self-sufficient life, is something that Tommy is so proud of. He and this young man remain friends to this day.

At Lemon Houses, a portion of our net revenues are donated to IAM4kids, and Tommy still spends some time actively mentoring other children and sharing the importance of this organization with everyone he meets.

The donation of time or money to IAM4kids is more than just a charitable donation – it’s an investment into the lives of children who are hungry for love, care, affection, and guidance. And, it’s an investment into the future, for these children will become the leaders of tomorrow. What a privilege it is to speak into their lives today!

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