Cash For Townhomes in Apopka, Florida

Trying to unload your unwanted townhome in today’s market can be exhausting. You list your property with a realtor, wade through insanely low offers, if you’re lucky, and then settle on one of those offers. You wait for your potential buyer to gain loan approval, through home inspections, credit checks, and all manner of red tape. Finally, you get to the closing table, only to have to pay a portion of the closing costs and hand over a commission to the real estate agent.

Many months may have passed between the time you decided to sell your townhouse, and the time you actually walk away from your property. During those months you still owned your townhouse, you continued to pay on the principle, interest, taxes, insurance and any community fees assessed by the homeowners association. There has to be an easier way, right?

There is! Lemon Houses will buy your unwanted townhome in Apopka, Florida, as is, and make you the best cash offer, guaranteed. When you sell to Lemon Houses, you know the sale will be fast, easy and efficient. Our EasyCashSale System allows us to provide you with the best cash offer, while taking on the responsibility of making any and all repairs and replacing any major appliances. You literally walk away from your townhouse with cash in your pocket.

Why Will Lemon Houses Buy My Townhome For Cash in Apopka, Florida?

Lemon Houses is a local Florida company. We live here and we work here. We’ve been in business for nearly two decades and we buy unwanted properties-houses, mobile homes, condos, and townhouses. We pay cash for those properties, as is, and make the homes marketable, and able to pass inspection. We then sell the townhome for market value to qualified buyers, keeping your former neighborhood desirable and intact.

Some homeowners find themselves in desperate situations, such as facing foreclosure, with mounting debt due to underwater mortgages, or having unpaid property taxes looming overhead. Others may have no interest in a property that came to them via probate or inheritance. Still others simply want to move on, be it a job change, divorce, or for any number of reasons. If you find you need to sell your townhouse, for whatever reason, and you don’t relish the thought of going through the hassle of selling the traditional-and, possibly, futile-way, you need Lemon Houses.

Our interest is not in taking advantage of a homeowner in dire circumstances. Quite the opposite. We offer you, the seller, a way to sell your unwanted townhome that’s fast, easy and efficient. We’ll walk you through the process, start to finish, and handle all the paperwork. You won’t be charged a commission, and you’ll close in less time than with a traditional sale.

If you find your townhouse has become a “money pit” and you spend all of your free time making costly repairs, you may wonder if there’s a way to get out from under your burden. Lemon Houses will buy your unwanted townhouse in as is condition. No matter if the repairs are necessary to get approval from a mortgage lender. With Lemon Houses, we’ll take your townhome whatever the condition, offer you the most cash guaranteed, and you won’t ever need to make a repair as a condition of the sale. It really is that easy.

Sell Your Apopka, Florida Townhome For Cash Today!

So if you’d like to get out from under an unwanted townhouse, no matter the reason, no matter the condition, there’s nothing holding you back. Get the best cash offer available and get on with your life. Contact Lemon Houses today and start moving.

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Lemon Houses was very professional and helpful. They kept me informed on a constant basis on the progress of the sale of my house. They made it quick and easy with no stress or added frustrations. I was very happy with my experience with Lemon Houses...

- R. Ortega, Ocoee FL

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