Cash For Condos in Merritt Island, Florida

Did you know Florida has one of the highest concentrations of condominiums in the country? Vacation condos, beachside condos, retirement communities, we have it all! The selection is wonderful if you want a vacation or retirement home in the Sunshine Florida. Or, if you don’t have time for the typical upkeep a house requires, a condo makes perfect sense. There are many reasons why homeowners opt for condos.

But, if you own a condominium you’d like to sell in Merritt Island, Florida, you could be looking at a long, drawn out endeavor. In today’s real estate market, especially for condominiums, sellers are outnumbering buyers. Your property may be one of many for sale in your area and, if you don’t have the time to wait on a potential buyer, you may be feeling a bit desperate.

Turn to Lemon Houses – Merritt Island, Florida’s Leading Condominium Buyer

Don’t worry! Lemon Houses, Florida’s hometown real estate investment company, is ready to take that unwanted condo off your hands. No matter your situation, no matter the condition of your condominium, we will make you the best cash offer for your unwanted property, and close the deal fast, so you can get on with your life.

When you sell your condo in Merritt Island, Florida to Lemon Houses, you don’t need to wait around for your buyers to get approval on financing. No credit checks, and no closing costs. There’s no need to make all kinds of repairs to your property in order to appease the mortgage company’s appraiser. Best of all, you don’t have to settle for a seriously low offer, then share that with your real estate agent, walking away with barely enough to cover your moving expenses. Selling your Merritt Island, Florida condo to Lemon Houses is fast, easy and efficient, and you get the best cash offer-guaranteed.

Why Would Lemon Houses Buy My Merritt Island, Florida Condo?

Lemon Houses has been in business in Florida for nearly 2 decades. We buy your Merritt Island, Florida condo at a discounted rate, but often for more than you could expect on the open market, and we buy it “as is”. We then make any and all repairs, including replacing any major appliances, and handling any structural damage which would stand in the way of a traditional sale. Then, we sell the property to local buyers for market value.

There are many reasons a homeowner would want to sell in a hurry. Divorce, debt and avoiding the credit stigma of foreclosure are just a few reasons. You may have come into the condo you own as an inheritance, and not have any intention of living there, or hassling with renters. Whatever the reason, Lemon Houses isn’t in the home-buying business to take advantage of desperate situations. We simply offer alternatives to those homeowners who need to sell in a hurry.

Who Is Lemon Houses?

Lemon Houses is run by professionals who live in the area. We have an interest in keeping your condo complex desirable and the property values up. We are established, we’re a local company and we aren’t going anywhere. We have an interest in the community as well. We’ll help you through the process of selling your condo from start to finish, with the least possible hassle to you, the seller.

If you have a condominium in Merritt Island, Florida that you no longer want, Lemon Houses is the answer. In a market filled with condos for sale, you don’t want to settle for selling far below the cash offer you’ll get from Lemon Houses. You won’t need to make any costly repairs, and you won’t be charged a commission. Contact Lemon Houses today for the fast and easy way to sell your condo for cash.

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sell house fast orlando We were tired of putting money into my house time after time. It was getting to be too much! I have lived in the house for 23 years and have spent the last few years trying to fix it up so I could sell it. A friend of mine suggested Lemon Houses, I m...

- Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Orlando FL

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